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Hair Transplant


What is hair transplant?
Hair transplantation is a minor surgery that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body (donor) to another area (recipient) where additional hair density is desired.

How is it performed?
This procedure is performed as a day case under local anaesthesia. No hospital admission is required.

It involves removing hair follicles from the scalp by punching out individual hair follicle groupings (follicular units) one by one (follicular unit extraction or FUE).

We perform the procedure by follicular unit extraction technique which involves direct removal of individual follicular units with the help of specialised equipment. Frontal hairline is designed by our expert hair transplant surgeon to give a natural look.

No cutting and suturing are required in this method, no visible scarring.

Who can undergo hair transplant?
All individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia ie Male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss may be a candidate for hair transplant.

Other common indication includes hair loss due to scar, hair loss due to long term systemic disease, thin beard, loss of eyelashes. Another novel indication is FUE transplant for vitiligo patches.

When do you expect result?
The complete and final result may be seen after 8 months to 1 year after surgery.

Is it permanent?
The hairs that are removed from the back of the head have no dihydrotestosterone (DHT) receptors, and even if they are moved they remain programmed to continue growing so the hair transplanted does not fall out.