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Lumera Targetted Phototherapy

What is targeted phototherapy?

Targeted phototherapy involves giving a high energy beam of NBUVB to a localised area for few seconds. This high energy beam helps in focusing on the diseased area and sparing the non affected region. A higher energy delivery helps in quicker resolution and is therefore required to be given for lesser number of sittings.

Disha Uses Lumera targeted phototherapy machine from Daavlin (USA) that is FDA approved for treatment of psoriasis and Vitiligo.

This is the first such machine of its kind to be installed in Mumbai and Thane.

How is Targetted Phototherapy administered?

Administration of targetted phototherapy is a rapid and painless procedure. No anesthesia is required for the procedure.

After making the patient rest in a comfortable position the patches to be targetted are identified and a fixed amount of energy is delivered to the patches with a special fibreoptic probe and filter that protect the surrounding area. The time taken per patch ranges from few seconds upto half a minute.

Throughout the procedure the patient is provided with UV protective goggles to protect the eyes.

What are the diseases amenable to targeted phototherapy?

Localised Vitiligo and Psoriasis are two FDA approved indications for targetted phototherapy.

It can however be used for treatment of many other localised Ultraviolet light responsive diseases

What are the adverse effects with Targetted phototherapy?

Targetted phototherapy uses localised high energy of narrow band UVB so the adverse effects are very rare and localised to the treatment area.

Possible adverse effects include:


Redness and burning (and occasionally blistering) of the skin may occur as with any form of sunlight. If this occurs it is usually similar to a mild sunburn reaction.

Premature Skin Ageing

The risk of premature ageing of the skin is also associated with exposure to sunlight. The risk is initially small but increases with prolonged and repeated courses of narrowband phototherapy.

Skin Cancer

There is a theoretical risk of developing skin cancers after prolonged use of UV therapy However these risks are thought to be low. This risk increases after 200 treatments. It is important that should you have had phototherapy treatments elsewhere that you inform the phototherapy staff.

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