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Laser Peels

What is Laser peel?

Laser peel or Fractional laser resurfacing uses numerous microscopic Laser beams, which create tiny Laser "punctures" (each of about 0.05 mm in diameter) into the skin while leaving the untreated surrounding areas intact. The untreated tissue helps to accelerate the healing process and rejuvenate the skin by promoting microcirculation and new cell growth.

How is Fractional resurfacing done?

Fractional resurfacing is done for photoaged skin and deep acne scars. It is a well tolerated and safe procedure. Prior to the treatment an anaesthetic cream is applied which prevents any kind of pain associated with the procedure.

The procedure itself takes approximately 5- 10 minutes and the laser probe is passed over the entire facial skin. During the procedure the eyes are covered with protective goggles.

Immediately after the procedure the skin appears red and slightly swollen. There will be numerous microscopic white dots that will form small scabs over 1-2 days. This will be appreciated as fine scales. The scabs disappear by the fourth day and the skin appears shinier and smoother by the 7th day.

What is the downtime after Fractional Carbon dioxide laser?

Fractional skin rejuvenation involves using a lesser energy and is a form a superficial peel. This has a low downtime of approximately 2 days. This can be repeated every 3-4 weekly for 4-5 sessions to give a youthful , radiant and glowing skin.

Fractional skin resurfacing , which is used for scarring uses a higher energy and therefore can have a downtime of upto 7 days. This is generally repeated every 1 ½ to 2 months.

What care needs to be taken after fractional laser?

Post laser patients are generally given topical antibiotic cream.

The patient is advised to strictly avoid sunexposure to prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or darkening of the lased skin.

Also smoking and stress should be kept at minimum to allow better healing.

What are the potential sideeffects of Carbon dioxide laser?

Sideeffects of fractional CO2 laser are few and rare. Potential side effects include pain, itching, redness and / or swelling for few days. In rare cases, some patients may experience scab formation, bruises, infection and temporary hypo or hyper-pigmentation. There is no restriction of daily activities after the treatment. However, it is advisable to apply more moisturizer and sun block to soothe the skin and stay away from excessive sun exposure during the recovery period.

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