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     Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

What is 'Acne'?
Pimples, called as 'acne' in medical parlance, develop because of abnormal response in the skin to normal levels of a hormone called testosterone. Both men and women have testosterone circulating in their blood, but in the 'acne sufferer', this hormone has a profound effect on the skin. It is common to develop pimples in teenage due to a surge in hormonal stimuli at puberty.
Why do I get Pimples?

Pimples develop due to involvement of two structures,

  1. Pores through which the hair emerge
  2. Sebaceous gland

Skin is a continuously multiplying structure with dead layers at the top. The dead skin cells become stickier in this condition, and blocks the pores. The oiliness of the skin is due to a substance produced by the sebaceous glands, called as 'sebum'. The blockage of the pores prevents the flow of sebum. Bacteria normally present on the skin infect the stagnated sebum. It then decomposes the sebum into chemicals, which in turn lead to inflammation, redness, pus formation and pain.

Does diet play a role in acne formation?
Fried food or chocolates do not cause an increase in pimples. The fact that some people have a tendency to have more pimples after consuming certain food is due to psychological reasons. However, if you are convinced that a particular food exacerbates your acne problem, then you can avoid consumption of the same.
Can I bleach my face or undergo facials when I have acne
Some cosmetic preparations as foundations, blushers, etc. are comedogenic and can aggravate acne. Individuals with acne problem should choose cosmetics labelled as 'non-comedogenic' .If the products are not labeled then try the product on small test area for a few days to ensure that the skin tolerates it.
Does acne aggravate in the pre-menstrual period?
Acne does aggravate in certain women in the premenstrual period due to decrease in the sebaceous duct orifice between days 15 and 20 of the menstrual cycle. These patients tend to do well on hormonal therapy.
Can certain medications cause acne?
A number of drugs including oral contraceptives can cause an eruption similar to acne called as 'Acneform Eruption'. If consumption or local application of certain medicine leads to acne, inform your doctor immediately.
How should I take care of my face when I am suffering from pimples?

DO wash your face atleast twice daily with soap and warm water. Remember not to scrub as this may cause further irritation and may cause scar formation.

Do drink plenty of water and eat many fresh fruits.

Do consult a doctor early in the course of disease as timely medical intervention helps prevent scar formation

DONOT squeeze or pick at your pimples. It may lead to formation of scars.

Do not apply oily or greasy cosmetics. Water based cosmetics can be used sparingly. Make sure a cosmetic is labeled non comedogenic before using it.

Do not experiment on your face by using multiple creams and lotions available over the counter.

How is acne treated?

The primary treatment of acne is by use of topical creams and gels which reduce the oil secretion and remove the blockage in the pores. This is aided by giving oral antibiotics to destroy the bacteria that cause secondary infection and pus formations. Certain oral medication can also help in reducing the size of the oil producing gland that can decrease the oil secretion.

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